Creation of internal directives

With respect to your needs, company type (manufacturing, retail, service oriented) and the specifics of your business, we set up the basic corporate processes in connection with recording as a part of accounting and we propose an optimal solution for you. Hence, we have an overview of how the company is operated as a whole.

Companies are required to have directives, and it is necessary to regularly update them in accordance with the current legislation.

Internal accounting documents set out the rules for processing your accounting and accounting documents from the moment of taking them over, through processing them, preparing required statements, up to archiving the documents.

What can we do for you with respect to internal processes?

  • Complete administrative support
  • Setting accounting processes, introducing an internal audit system
  • Setting and regularly updating internal accounting directives in accordance with the valid legislation and your company’s directives
  • Accounting supervision relating to compliance with internal accounting rules and procedures and the accuracy of your accounting
  • Complete outsourcing of accounting