Wages and HR

Are you starting a business in the Czech Republic? In addition to wage processing, do you also need to deal with the administrative aspects of employment in the Czech Republic?

Do you want to be informed on a regular basis about changes to the mandatory rules and regulations relating to employment and tax regulations?

Are you thinking about changing the employment structure, competence, obligations, and the incentive system for remunerating your employees?

Notification of legislative changes

Our expert team at NewCo Tax and Accounting carefully monitors current developments in Czech tax and employment legislation.

We will regularly discuss with you all changes, possibilities, risks, and opportunities and always prepare for you the optimal tax solution for your strategic and operational business needs geared to the specific tax environment.

As a part of our wage accounting services, we handle all of your obligations to the government authorities and employees relating to wages and employment.

External wage processing

We efficiently process the wages of your employees in relation to the internal processes of your company. We ensure the integrity of the wage and financial accounting of your firm and the practical nature of the results for management accounting. Hence, we focus on the initial setting of the processes and effective information channels.

We concentrate on your operational needs – based on your preferences, we process wages at your company using your software, or we handle everything at our premises. We guarantee the security of data when using document and information sharing via remote access and cloud solutions.

Our services

Thanks to years of experience with processing employment agendas and developing the employment environment, we are able to effectively handle your needs with respect to employees and government authorities.