Accuracy, quick responses, providing answers by the deadline, reliability, and an active approach

100% compliance with the legislation

We always keep your company’s accounting in line with all of the mandatory obligations of Czech legislation. We assume full responsibility for your company’s accounting and fulfilling your tax obligations.


We guarantee that you have all information available in the form and quantity needed for your business and particular situation.

Advice for new businesses or foreign entrepreneurs

Are you starting a business in the Czech Republic? Are you unfamiliar with the Czech business environment, accounting, wage agendas, and taxes?

We will discuss with you the specific steps and ensure that everything is clear for you and your company with respect to accounting and taxes.

In addition to accounting and other services, do you need explanations and comparisons with the accounting regulations and legislative environment of your home country? Adapting to the new situation is not easy, and we can assist you in this process.

Active approach

Do you want to be regularly informed about the changes in legal rules and regulations relating to accounting and employment?

We will automatically monitor this for you. We will inform you in advance and discuss with you solutions, and we will integrate these into the accounting system.

Our services

Your comfort is important to us. We will discuss with you your ideas and expectations and implement them accordingly.

Thanks to our extensive experience in financial and wage accounting in various fields and phases of business, we always devise a solution that is tailor-made to your needs.