Wage accounting

We can arrange services in cooperation with your human resources department or we can take over your entire wage agenda.

Hence, you can be sure that your contractual obligations to employees and the mandatory requirements for government authorities and other institutions are carried out accurately, regularly, and on time.

As a part of wage accounting, we offer the following services:

  • Managing the company’s bookkeeping with respect to wages and employment matters
  • Preparing on a regular basis salary sheets for employees and employees’ income statements, including regular updates
  • Managing analytical wage accounting in a structure necessary for tax purposes and calculation of net wages for each employee
  • Processing all documents related to termination of employment (e.g. employment records, taxable income and deducted deposits on taxes for the relevant period, pension insurance statements), delivering the documents to the authorities
  • Issuing orders for payment of social security, health insurance premiums, personal income tax deposits and premiums
  • Issuing payment orders for transferring the net wages of employees to their accounts
  • Processing all direct transfers and payment of wages to the accounts of employees and the authorities
  • Processing pension insurance statements
  • Wage reporting
  • Outsourcing wage accounting
  • Regular wage supervision over the internal processing of wages