Preparation of tax returns

We can prepare all tax returns for you. We are present during the entire tax-return process, from completing the tax-return forms and documents up to filing the taxes with the authorities.

As a part of preparing tax returns, we can also revise and complete your documents.

In addition, we can prepare your company for any audit performed by the financial office. At the same time, we perform internal inspections of cost and expense accounts and the tax relevance of all accounting entries.

We can also assist in any disputes with the tax administrator and finding solutions.

We guarantee the formal and material accuracy of your tax returns and applying all possible tax deductions in accordance with law.

What can we offer relating to tax returns?

  • Analysing your tax obligations with respect to the tax optimisation of your costs
  • Analysing tax risks and opportunities, proposing solutions with respect to your tax planning
  • Communicating with the tax administrator, representation during negotiations and disputes with tax administrators
  • Preparing tax returns and tax calculations
  • Filing tax returns
  • Simulation of financial office audits
  • Tax registration and complying with reporting duties